Monday, July 12, 2010


Recently my daughter Sonia, her son, Archie, and Lane one of my other grandsons were here for a visit. Sonia and Archie are home now, Lane is still here. I really enjoyed seeing all of them. We had a great time in Breck at the condo. Other relatives were there also: Amy and her kids: Amber, Julia, and Cade; Jim and Karen, Don and Nadine, Brent and Sue and Erica, Josh, and Jeremy. Thanks everybody for making it great 4th of July weekend.

We walked down town, ate, walked down town, went to a parade (downtown), ate, walked down town, went to a fireworks, walked down town. Did I mention that we drank coffee, and we drank coffee, and we...... you guessed it, walked down town and drank coffee.

Summer and Winter

It seemed as though last winter would never end. I got really tired of shoveling the snow and even more tired of the cold weather. I thought, 'boy, I wouldn't mind moving to Arizona'. I knew that Arizona has really hot summers, but anything would be worth it to get away from the winter.

Well, now it is summer in Colorado and I find myself complaining about the heat. I'm certainly glad I am not in Arizona, but now I am thinking that North Dakota wouldn't be so bad. North Dakota! Man, I must be delusional. Maybe I really am cracking up.

It's just that working in the cold and the heat are hard on me. Just think, I used to run 4 miles a day in 90-100 degree weather. Not anymore! It's my knees. Anyway, why can't it just be 55 degrees at night and 73 degrees during the day? That's the way I would have created the planet.

Well, at least I am not in Arizona constantly sucking Gatorade to stay alive, and I am not in North Dakota slapping mosquitoes. By the way, who set retirement age at 67? Must have been some young guy or somebody already retired.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's this Thing About Beds?

Traveling and vacationing are supposed to be pleasurable things to do. I guess for the most part they are. The once dreaded aspect of this..... at least for me is bedtime. If I have figured it out right, the main reason a person rents a hotel room is to have a private bath and to sleep. The TV is secondary.

So, then, why is it hoteliers find the absolute hardest and most uncomfortable beds in the world. Sleeping on them is almost as bad as being water boarded (not that I have been). The point is, that no matter how tired I am, sleeping on a hotel bed is pure torture. Especially when they slam it right next to their noisiest in the world air conditioner.

And as far as the private bath is concerned I haven't have had good luck on that front either. The bath in Mobridge wasn't so private since the door wouldn't stay shut. The bath here in Breckenridge is private, but what's with the slanted ceiling in the shower and the ripped shower curtain? Either I bump my head or have a back ache from bending sideways. And..... the ventilation fan sounds like a tractor. That might not be too bad for the person showering, but for the other person trying to get a few winks it might be a little annoying.

At least I was able to bring my Starbucks coffee with me. But the coffee pot is also a little sad.