Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton Will Never Be President

The United States has never yet elected a woman to the White House. I don't believe that will happen at the next general election either. The reason for this is that the two top women in politics in each party are not electable. this, of course, is Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin, both whom I admire, although I admire Palin more.

I believe that this has nothing to do with politics as it pertains to their political positions. It has everything to to with their voices. In case you haven't noticed, both of them when excited and making loud speeches tend to screech. I find screeching very irritating and don't know if I could listen to that for four years. I don't know about you but I don't like being screeched at. Also, I wouldn't want a screecher traveling the world representing the USA.

Yes, I know this is politically incorrect to say what I just said, but I think a lot of people feel the same as I do. So, whether it is said or not, voters will take this into account, at least those who don't like being screeched at.

The truth is, I like them both.... but just don't want to listen to them every night on the news.

More Elections Predictions

For the first time in modern history the elections will be influenced by a third party is that is not a party at all, yet it goes by the name of "Tea Party." This is a little weird but is good for our country. This may be the only true conservative voice in America that has any legitimacy. Democrats don't like them and are ascribing some pretty ugly labels to them. And a lot of Republicans are patronizing them. Yet, there are a lot of Republicans and Independents that like what they stand for and have actually joined ranks with them.

This Party that is no party at all has more influence on elections this year than either the Republican or Democratic Parties. The Democrats influence lies in their failed policies, their disregard for the desires of Americans, their extreme liberalism (left wing), and their daily alienation of voting Americans. They had the once in a century opportunity to do something as they controlled the presidency and both houses. But their main successes were bail outs (which voters didn't want), a health care bill (which voters didn't want) and a national debt that is three times higher than the last three administrations combined (also, which voters didn't want). And the list could go much further on the things that the "voters don't want."

Many Republicans are turning more conservative and are therefore garnering the benefit of the Tea Party. Other Republicans are treating the Tea Party with contempt.

Here is my prediction: Many of the Tea Party supported candidates will be elected this year. This will totally reshape politics within the Republican Party. Those Republicans who go to Washington and score well with the Tea Party over the next couple of years will be returned to Washington in the 2012 general election. Those Republicans who take a liberal or moderate stand in Washington will not win their next election bid..... therefore giving the house back to the Democrats.

The upshot of this is that the Republican Party at the next General election will be weakened. The consequences will be that there will be more liberal Democrats in the house and more liberal legislation will be passed. The only thing that will prevent this from happening is of there are enough Democrats and Republicans that become scared to death of the Tea Party movement and become more conservative in their stance. This, in effect, would be politics working as it should in America.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Elections Predictions

I've tried staying away from politics but at election time this is hard to do. I don't know about you, but I am really disgusted with the TV and radio ads. They have almost convinced me that there is no one worthy to hold public office. I am appalled at how low they stoop and the lies they tell about their opponents. Having said that I have some predictions.

The evening of 9/11 I wrote a poem about how the aftermath would work out. At first Americans would be grieving, be indignant, demand justice, and would go to war. But once the body bags started coming home we would gradually change our minds until we would demand that our soldiers come home. The gist of that poem is that Americans are fickle. And even today we are still fickle.

When President Obama was elected most Americans had had enough of the Bush era. (Sorry Jeb, but you will never be president). So we elected a candidate that promised change. The problem is, we didn't know what change we wanted. So President Obama brought change on many fronts. Our national debt went up, jobs became more scarce, businesses went out of business, the cost of healthcare continues to go up.... and now Americans want change again. I have these following predictions:

1. Republicans will win both houses.
2. President Obama will veto most of their legislation.
3. Not much will get accomplished in the next two years.
4. Tea Party members will become even more distraught.
5. The Republican Party will diminish.
6. By the next general election the public will be fed up with the Republicans because they
could not accomplish much of anything.
7. Power will swing back to the Democrats
8. President Obama will get re-elected.
9. Democrats will regain the Senate.
10. Americans will still be looking for change (fickle).

How is that for predictions?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Please define to me what a real hero is. Perhaps my definition is antiquated or just wrong. But it seems to me that we often label someone as a hero when in reality they have done nothing heroic. And perhaps the true heroes never get recognized. To me a hero is someone who gives of himself selflessly, at risk to himself, to help someone else. The war heroes, fire fighters, the person who at his own peril reaches out to help someone else.

In sports, great players are often labeled as a heroes. I beg to differ. I think there are some really great athletes, but that does not really qualify them as heroes. As far as I know most athletes are in it for themselves and their huge salaries. They want more pay or they will go somewhere else. Hardly a hero.

Philanthropists are often viewed as heroes. Here again, there is nothing heroic. They are giving out of their abundance. Yes, their gifts do help others and I appreciate what they do. But are they really doing it at risk or peril to themselves. I think not.

Recently I heard the word "heroes" attached to the 33 miners trapped in Chile. I can appreciate what they went through and am glad that I was not one of them trapped below the earth for 69 days. I might have gone crazy. But are they heroes. Maybe, or maybe not. Perhaps they were victims, and the hero was on the topside making the effort to get them out. If there is a hero in all this perhaps it is the guy who ran the drill with precision and determination. He broke through weeks ahead of schedule. When his job was done, he left and sought no glory, but was simply thrilled that the miners were now freed, and he was humble about the part he played.
The part he played was the biggest part. I know that if I was one of those miners, he would be my hero.

But even that is borderline for being a hero. It wasn't like he was dodging bullets when he didn't have to.

Who are my heroes? The apostle Paul, who preached the gospel to his own peril that others might benefit. Peter, who was hanged on a cross up-side-down because he did not feel worthy to die the same way Jesus did. Jesus, who died in my place for my sins. The widow who sacrificially gave the two mights keeps reminding me that I am really giving out of my abundance. The men and women in uniform who have put their lives in peril for my freedom.... and some of them have died. And my dear wife who has given more than anyone will ever know. These are my heroes. Worthy heroes. Heroes forever.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Client

The guy is retired and thank goodness his wife is not. I say this because they are both a cut of the same cloth, and having one of them around is enough. And I am not sure what makes them tick. Now don't get me wrong, I am glad that they are my client and the jobs that I do for them are profitable. But this does kind of fall into the category that if you help me I need to charge extra. But with these folks it goes further..... "if you are even home I need to charge extra."

The guy has no idea of the value of time. Either that or he has no other friends to hang with. It is really hard to get something done when someone is yacking at you all the time. Not only that he is constantly under foot. Not only that, when I bought materials to use on the job and set them down where I needed them.... they would mysteriously disappear. My crew had the same issues. It was like this guy took ownership of everything that came through the door.

At one point I saw him picking up pieces of hardwood and was heading down the hall. I said, "Hey, where are you going with that?" He said, "putting them in the garage." I said, "My floor installer just cut those and is about to nail them in." He said, "oh." Let me tell you, we spent a lot of time looking for our tools and materials.

So the job came down to this: it was my job to get the man out of the house. We went to the hardware store, to coffee, to lunch, and I drove as slowly as possible. It was my installer's job to get something done while we were gone. I actually joked with my client that my installer would like him to go find something else to do.... except I really wasn't joking.

My client liked us so much he has more work for us to do. I'll have to put on an extra guy just to keep him busy.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today I was at the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder and once again saw some of the misfits of society. In a way, it's a strange mix. Part of going to the mall is to see the bruskers and the street musicians. Well the bruskers were missing today, but the musicians were present.

The first act I saw was this guy skate boarding while strumming his amplified guitar. I'm not sure how you collect money in your hat while rolling along about 10 miles per hour. It was a little strange.

Then I saw a guy playing a one-stringed home made instrument that sounded a little bit like a bass. He had a few dollars in his hat.

I didn't see any others, so we went and had tea at Ku Cha. I asked the owner if Ku Cha was some type of martial arts and he said, "no, it means bitter tea." I'm assuming he meant in Chinese. However, I didn't find their tea bitter at all. It is now one of my recommended places to go for a good cup of tea and a good atmosphere.

All this reminds me once again of Seattle, down near the fish market. A lot of misfits go there to bless you with their music and collect dollars in their hats. Actually some of them are pretty good and others are not. I liked the washtub band, the guy who played his guitar while holding it over his head, the piano player, and the blind guitarist who played and sang in Post Alley. That's right the same Post Alley where Starbucks original shop still stands. It is also the same Post Alley where Seattle's Best famous cup of coffee is mounted on the wall across from the famous fish market.

Anyway, here, too, the misfits are part of the attraction and the atmosphere just wouldn't be right without them. But then, Seattle just isn't quite right without it's annual drag queen convention either. They happened to be staying in the W Hotel while Audrey and I were there. Some of the men made weird looking but pretty ladies. But who am I to judge?

It takes all kinds to make up this crazy world of ours. But I do find women with adams apples a little far out.