Friday, September 30, 2011

From Seattle to Steamboat

Every time I think we paid too much for our time shares, I am reminded of the nice places we get to go. A couple of weeks ago we stayed at the W in Seattle, today we are headed for the Regency in Steamboat Springs. At the end of the month I am headed for the Kierland in Phoenix. Previous trips have taken us to Orlando, Orlando, Hawaii, Hawaii, and Hawaii, Seattle, Seattle, Seattle and Seattle.

Today we are headed to Steamboat Springs in the midst of the Rocky Mountains. It is prime time for fall colors and the weather is in the 70's. I couldn't have planned it better myself. O wait, I did plan it myself. I gotta remember my camera, and my swimsuit for the hot springs. Oh yes, and my hiking shoes. I won't have trouble remembering those since they are my only shoes. Yes, Sir! Nothing like hiking shoes and wool socks to keep your feet warm.... or cool.

The drive through the mountains is a great feature. I say there is no place in the world more beautiful than Colorado. Others must think so too since the traffic is bumper to bumper all the way up and back. I was born and raised in Minnesota and this has Minnesota beat hands down.... especially in the winter, spring, summer and fall.

Anyway, we are headed for the mountains, the place of much beauty and many Starbucks. Had to mention that because of my love for coffee. No, not that girly sticky stuff they call lattes. Just good black coffee. No room please.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back From Seattle

Well, actually I got back from Seattle six days ago..... not feeling well at all. I call it airplane sickness, which is different than air sickness. Air sickness I don't get, but I always get airplane sickness. I am convinced that every sick person in the city you are leaving gets on the airplane and the filtration system on the plane blows their germs right in your face. So, by the time I land my throat is already getting scratchy, the next day a little more scratchy, the third day I'm sick (really bad sore throat and cough). And by the time I fly back I am ready to give my sickness to others on the airplane. But I am basically out of commission for the next three to four days. So, now that I am feeling better I am finally back from Seattle.

The weather here, in Colorado is beautiful. Very cool mornings with highs in the high seventies, clear skies, and low humidity. The leaves are turning color in the mountains and soon will be here. What a great time to take a scenic tour and visit coffee shops. This morning I'm on my deck in my gazebo. It's about 50 degrees, the sun is shining, and the coffee is superb. I hear the train in the distance. Quaint!

It's great to be alive!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Facebook Fan

Over the past ten years or so, social networking has literally exploded into multi billion dollar business. I have no issues with that. I think these networks are a wonderful way to interact. I use Facebook myself, but primarily to post my blog which I admit nearly no one reads. But that's okay.

So why am I not a fan? Well, it's because of the abuses. I can handle a one-a-day or two-a-day posting by my friends. But there are those who post 10-15-20 times a day and talk about really trivial things or nothing oat all. I'm not interested in your feuds, the color of your underwear, or how badly you feel because you stayed up too late the night before. I do like the pictures of your kids, but only so many of them.... get it? When you post, help me to look forward to reading it. Don't post so many times per day that I just skip over it. And also, remember, a derogatory remark about someone else is there for the whole world to see..... including a future employer.

There is something else in life besides Facebook.... right?

Well, I've had my say and I expect to get blasted for it. But that's okay.... I've had my say.

Taxes are Not the Same as Revenue

A subtle shift in political language has taken place over the past year or so. President Obama has resorted to calling "taxes" "revenue." But these are two different things. Taxes are a method for the Federal and State governments to collect what they call revenue. A business increases it's revenue (not necessarily profits) when it ups it's prices or sells more products and services. So them it would be logical to thing that the government can increase revenues by increasing the tax rate on the wealthy. Sorry, it don't work that way.

The reason it doesn't work is simpler than one would like to think. We are counting on corporations large and small to create jobs so people can go back to work. When these corporations are excessively taxed it hinders their ability to hire. Therefore, these corporations stagnate (do not grow) and many actually end up laying off workers. A smaller company means a smaller bottom line which translates into less taxes paid and therefore less revenue that the government collects. Also, fewer workers means that the work force is paying less taxes and less revenue received by the government.

President Obama is doing the opposite of what he should be doing to cause the economy to grow. The upshot of this is that Federal revenues will fall with the tax increases, unemployment will stay the same or go up, and the recession will be prolonged.

And here is the crux of the whole thing: Obama cares less about the economy than he does about bringing large corporations down. He wants everybody to be the same. He is therefore hurting the very people he wants to help because they still don't have jobs. Remember this: the poor will always be with us (biblical). And remember this also: If there is no financial reward for hard work, innovation, invention, and risk..... all of these things will cease and so will our society.

Obama is a misguided idealist, not a leader. He is involved in class warfare at the expense of our country. He does not understand economics. He will be a single term president.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sleepy In Seattle

The W Hotel is a wonderful place if you can afford it.... and we can.... with Star Points through the Starwood system. The 24th floor and a corner room with lots of windows offer a great view of Seattle. A super soft bed and central air conditioning ad to the luxury and the probability of a good night's sleep. Ah, Seattle! One of my favorite cities.

This time, unlike last time, I flew in an airplane that didn't flap it's wings. That's nothing unusual, in fact its normal. Except last time I thought we were headed for a crash landing. That jet shook, shuttered, and made unusual noises. This flight was superb.

Today is full of nothing in particular. Already had breakfast at Starbucks.... straight across the street from the W. I will visit the fish market, visit coffee shops, take pictures and not think about work. As Maynard G. Krebbs said, "WORK!"

Oh, I guess most of you don't remember the Dobie Gillis Show. That's back during black and white TV and when comedy was still clean fun. It was before wide screen TV, too (for those of you who think wide screen has always been with us).

I guess I got off the subject. All I wanted to say is that Audrey and I are in Seattle.

Enjoy your coffee.

Friday, September 9, 2011

More of the Same

President Obama's speech is the most disjointed and confusing speech I have ever heard. It was contradictory in message and it is clearly abundant that he does not understand economics. Now he wants to spend another $.45 trillion on more policies that do not work. More of the same.

How can he in the same speech say that he wants to bring manufacturing back to America, then promote the unions who are in fact killing manufacturing in America. Doesn't he get the connection between high wages and companies going for cheaper labor over seas? Is this guy a true idiot, or is he only acting the part?

At the same time we are dealing with record deficits, and our US credit rating is on the line, he wants to spend another $447 billion then additionally tax corporations that actually create the jobs? I just call that "in your face stupid!"

Government does not create jobs unless it is more government jobs. Proprietors, partnerships, S corporations, large corporations create jobs. Government excessively taxes these entities and hinders their ability to grow and create.

Sorry, Obama. But your speech was of little solace and of great concern. Fourteen months may be too long to wait for relief (election time) but it may be our best hope.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just As I Thought

On Monday European stocks dipped about 4% which is quite a lot. At that time I mentioned that US stocks would dip the following day and that would be a good time to buy. Well, that is exactly what happened. Then yesterday, the market had a 275 point rally which was based mostly on bargain shoppers pushing prices upward.

Last night the Republicans debated and failed to impress investors as this morning stock futures are down. Tonight, the president will make a speech about job creation..... but most people will be watching Monday Night Football. His speech will cause a small rally, but after it is analyzed for a day stocks will tumble once again because there will be no real solutions for our economy. Stocks will remain volatile. If you are a day trader you will love the volatility. If you are an investor, it will drive you nuts.

But overall, many stocks are still at bargain basement prices. Buying good stocks at a low price will still make you money.

Enjoy your morning coffee.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Show me a politician and I will show you a guy (or gal) who likes to talk. Politicians are great at making speeches. Well, that and making new laws. We've been speeched (my new word) and legislated to death. Laws and speeches...... speeches and laws. But for all that's worth, and maybe because of it all, our economy still stinks. And yet, tonight our president will make one more worthless speech.

This guy has no clue concerning what makes the economy tick and how to create a job. I have created more jobs than he has. What he doesn't understand is that tax paying Americans need tax relief, and net tax receivers need to start paying some taxes. Well, that was a side bar. All I know is that I can't hire even a subcontractor to a job if I have no job to hire him to and if there is no profit in the job. Otherwise, my only reward is working for free and added risk. And to stay afloat I can't just go get more money like the government does.

The long and the short of it, there is no job creation because the government is squeezing it's tax payers. While doing this government is reducing the reward for hard work while rewarding those who hardly work.

We don't need more speeches and laws. We need to repeal some of the laws that exist and we need to have our politicians keep their big mouths shut and do something constructive for job growth..... like keeping out of the way. Politicians are dead wood, but businesses know how to be creative and survive and thrive, if they are just left alone.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I hope it's worth more than the Starbucks coffee I am currently sipping.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Been A While

It's been a while since my last blog. That is because my business has been really busy and the heat has been really overbearing. By the time I get home I'm really exhausted and not much in the mood for blogging.

This morning, however, It is in the mid 50s, I'm sitting on my deck in the gazebo enjoying the coolness of the day, having breakfast, listening to the birds, watching the sun filter through the limber pine. I'm reflecting on the past several weeks and am looking forward to the day. Today is Labor Day and I am doing no labor. Sweet!

I did, however, read the Wall Street Journal, and I see that European zone stocks are down as much as 4% this morning. That is primarily based on the USA report of zero job growth. They think we are headed for another recession. Could be. This means that tomorrows stock market will sink. Ouch! But if you have cash, this week may be the time to buy. After a big slump the bargain hunters always show up and start buying, which pushed stocks back up. You will need a good stock and good luck.

Gold has been surging over the past year. A year ago I thought gold was too expensive at $1200 per ounce. Now it is nearly $1900 per ounce. Food commodities are also doing well, up about 30% in the past year. The Scriptures say the day will come that a piece of bread will buy a bag of gold. With drought, famine, and starvation in our world today we are headed that direction.

As I sit in the coolness of the day I am enjoy a good cup of black coffee. That is coffee "with no room" at Starbucks.

Until next time..... God Bless.