Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guanella Pass

Everybody has their favorite places to visit. One of mine is Guanella Pass, high in the mountains above Georgetown, CO. The road up there used to be a rutted dirt road which required a four wheel drive. Now it is a paved road and is becoming a very popular park..... not that I like the improvements. There are several lakes along the road which are a all fed by Cabin Creek, which is fed by snowmelt and natural springs in the mountains. And then, there are high mountains, one of which is Mount Berstad, which is a fourteener.

Besides the utter beauty of the place, there is fishing, hiking, camping and, of course, cool weather during the hot days. The other day when it was 95 degrees in Denver, just an hour and a half away it was 64 degrees at Guanella Pass. Lovely!

Oh, and did I mention wildlife along the way? The pic of the bighorn sheep is one of the photos I took.

Well, gotta go, I'm headed up there in just a few minutes. Enjoy your day!