Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cashless Society Closer than You Think!

In the eurozone plans are being laid to issue universal world wide web ID's to all users. The argument is that it will keep people from evading responsibility and will positively identify all of their internet actions. It is also hoped that it will lead to a cashless society where in there will be positive identification of business transactions, purchases, and payments. This is said to lead to much less fraud and will hold people responsible. It is also said that terrorist activities will also be able to be monitored and that, of course, will make the world safer.

This may have it's attributes and may sound reasonable, but it will be at the expense of personal freedoms. It will also mean that your every movement, purchase, and every web site you visit can be monitored. Big Brother will know your whereabouts at all times. Do you really want the government to know all of this?

Along with an internet ID there will also be a personal barcode. All the money you've hidden under the mattress will become worthless. I'm not sure how you will donate to the panhandlers of this world. Perhaps the government will issue each of them a scanner so they can take their electronic money to buy some real wine. Or, perhaps the panhandlers will just go away or resort to theft. Will it be those who refuse such a chip that will become the new panhandler?

What scares me the most is that they are actually talking about this and the technology is actually within reach to do this. With thousands of new laws being passed every year, it will be hard to tell whether you are a law breaker or not. Minor infringements may result only in a fine which some law will allow the government to just take it from your account. We do have to support the government, you know.

I don't mind being protected from terrorists. But who is going to protect me from the government? At what point do we lose our freedoms and become like Nazi Germany, or like the Russia of the 1960's? Back then people lived in fear of an enemy across the oceans. Will we be living in fear of our own government? Believe me, as long as you use your computer, carry your phone, or even drive your car.... there will be no place to hide.

Perhaps this is where we must all get our houses in order. How much of this will true Christians be spared? Some believe that God will evacuate the true believe from this earth before this all happens. Others believe that the Christian will endure it. But one thing is for sure, accept the mark and be lost forever. How fortunate are the Christians who have died in Christ before this time? We may soon find out?

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