Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Home Again!

I'm running the wheels off that new Ford Escape that I like so much. Last fall it was a trip to Phoenix, then to Michigan and Wisconsin. This past week I drove it to Jan Jose, and next week I am off to Michigan again. But I am home now.

I arrived home to see the house still standing, the lawn was also standing. Even before I got fully unpacked I had to mow. Tomorrow the car gets washed and hopefully the windshield replaced. The windshield was the price of the trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. That's the first time a motor cycle ever whacked me with a rock. I feel sorry for all the bugs I squashed on the trip. That reminds me that I need to go out and poison the ants.

It was great to see Audrey's apartment in San Jose. At home we have a king bed, there she has a double.... so we got reacquainted. We also took turns sitting in the one comfortable chair. We also took turns at the counter where the stool is. We also took turns plugging in our  phones and ipads because someone dear to me forgot to bring his chargers. We also took turns at the coffee pot. She prefers decaf and I prefer coffee.

It was even greater spending time with Audrey. We don't very often get a whole week together because she flies out to San Jose almost every week for work. But we are thankful for the job and know that one day that life style will settle down. An interesting feature for Audrey is that she has now been in all but three states. I think I've been to only about 28 states.

Next week I head for Michigan which means that I need to go through Illinois. In Illinois the cops don't like Colorado people because a couple of years ago we legalized marijuana. I think our legislature and governor are retarded. But the upshot of this is that in Illinois they like to pull us over, take everything out of our cars because they are convinced that all Coloradans are now transporting marijuana. Frankly, I think they should spend more time arresting their own government officials.

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