Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not As Nice

California is nice...... but not as nice a Colorado. I did enjoy the cool breezes off the ocean, the tall redwoods, and the sights I saw. But even the Golden Gate Bridge doesn't compare to the majesty of the Colorado Rockies. Colorado has a beauty that cannot be overtaken by any other part of the USA. I admit that California has warmer winters, which at my age is very desirable. But even the Colorado winters in the Denver area are not bitter as in Minnesota, North Dakota, and the likes of those places.

I don't like all the stop lights in the Denver area traffic, but I like them less in California. It is nothing to sit four to five minutes at a stop light there before moving, and believe me, there are plenty of stop lights to wait for. I could easily live in California. It's a great place. But I already live in Colorado. We might be a long ways from everywhere. But with Denver International Airport being centrally located in the country we are closer to everywhere and anywhere else. So this is a good somewhere to live.

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