Friday, May 4, 2012

Sally Rand

Santana Row in San Jose makes the 16th Street Mall in Denver seem a little Plain Jane or Sally Rand.  There are two avenues of upscale shops about three blocks long and a huge mall across the main street. Everything is beautiful, well manicured, and spotlessly clean. Security guards stand on the corners and everyone here is really well behaved.

Flower pots and hedges are all through the place. Palm trees line the streets as well as other trees. Buildings are meticulously maintained. The parking garage is free and even that is spotless. This could be a model for other large outdoor shopping malls.

The older generation remembers Sally Rand. She's that gal that danced behind a plume of feathers and nothing else. I remember a car dealer who once asked me if I wanted a car that was loaded or a Sally Rand. I had no clue what he meant. He explained that a Sally Rand was stripped. I like my car with amenities. I also like my malls loaded.

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