Saturday, May 5, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge

Did you know that the Golden Gate Bridge is actually red? It is 1.7 miles long for those of us who are metric illiterate. You can actually walk across it as Audrey and I did today, but that is a 3.4 mile walk because you have to actually walk back to your car. Or you can ride a bike over it if you promise not to run over the pedestrians.

It is actually and awesome sight and an engineering marvel. It is six car lanes in width, has a concrete road bed, and is held up by cables as broad as your wrist, other cables as broad as your head, and two steel towers.

In the middle of the bridge are signs that tell you there is hope, and that you don't have to jump off the bridge. Although I am wondering if most of the jumping was due to jumping out of the way of bicyclists who more or less pretend pedestrians don't exist. Having said that, I didn't witness a single mishap or a single person falling into the water. The walk across and back was an awesome experience especially since I got two new knees three months ago and they didn't hurt at all!

I'm not sure why I expected the Golden Gate Bridge to be gold. Also, I never saw any golden gates. I guess the golden gates are reserved for those who go to heaven. Or am I thinking of pearly gates?

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