Friday, May 4, 2012

Harv's Carwash

This blog really isn't about Harv's Car wash and it's not really about Harv either. It's actually about Harv's parents whom I know nothing about except they had to have named their cute little baby "Harvey."  I'm wondering what kind of parent would do a thing like that. I can imagine Harvey hating his name all through childhood. If he was an overweight kid (we used to call them fat or chubby) then he was probably nick named "Heavy Harvey." If I were him I would have changed my name to Harv, also.

Come to think of it. One of my childhood friend's name was Harvey. And, yes, he was chubby. He hated his name and so he changed it for the benefit of the rest of his friends. He decided to spell his name backwards which then became "Yevrah." His Last name was Ulm and so that became Mlu. "Yevrah Mlu! Yes sir, there is a respectable kid's name.

I thought that was a pretty good idea so I also decided to spell my name backwards, especially since my parents tormented me by calling me Rodney. So my name became Yendor. Yendor Deeps. Now that's cool. So we were Yendor and Yevrah. Nowadays it sounds a little Arabic or Jewish. But we never thought about that back then.

So back to Harv's Car Wash. Harv isn't so bad after all. But in modern times I just settle for "Rod."  I suppose my cousin "Bradley" calls himself "Brad."

But if my wife and I had had a boy I would have been much smarter about naming him. I just love the name "Boaz."

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