Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Little Ironic

Well, folks, here I am in San Jose, CA. Not a whole lot of people look like me. I'm not expecting to see my twin (which I don't have). But I wasn't expecting to be a minority. In spite of the name "San Jose" which is spanish I also see very few Latinos. Most of the people here use a different kind of alphabet. It's largely Japanese, Chinese, or some other Asian dialect. That's okay, I like Asians.

Here is the irony. It's not the people who do look like me that smile as they pass by, or even say a friendly, "Hi!"  In fact, these people walk by me like I am invisible. They stare straight ahead, keep their nose in the air, and keep on going.

It is the Asians that smile, say "Hi!" or say some other unintelligible think that I assume is the equivalent of "Hi!" At least they are smiling when they say it and their eyes meet mine as they pass by. Have the caucasians become a race of snobs? Well, probably not but a lot of them act that way.

I think I'll leave Starbucks now and find somebody to ignore. I'm just wondering if that will make me feel superior.

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